Thursday, July 09, 2009


just for fun.

no motivation to update, except the constant reminders from people that my blog is dead and they have no idea why they waste time coming here. lol.

the past few months had been crazy. like nothing i've experienced in my life. 2 whole months of sleepless nights organising an event not meant to be mine. Chionging many nights of physics, only to find that the school's expecting an EPIC FAIL from most people.

Syf's over long ago, colosseum/cheerleading ended, stepped down from house comm, studying for mid yrs.

Significant events.

But like i always say, 10 yrs down the road, when we look back, would any of these matter?

It'd probably be conversation topics for midnight tau huay jui outings.

Like quek says, it's the last 4 months. to face each other everyday, to loiter the corridors, to wear that stupid blue uniform, to go do pull ups behind canteen, to eat cai peng as a class.

Make full use of every single second, mug hard, play hard, gossip hard, and for some ppl, JIO HARD. HAHAHA

Was supposed to blog bout buddy hoagies, but i guess it's better if you read from someone else's blog=)

this post is just for fun, so it's not supposed to make any sense, it's ok if you dun understand, haha. dun think i'll be blogging till, after As? lol.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bitter sweet

that's how's life's like now... bitter from the studying madness, and sweet because of the friends around=)

tmr, cong they all will be going perth for their training, the class going there to wish them bon voyage. Hope he brings back smthing nice for us!=)

k back to studying! mugmugmug=)

i'm still waiting=)

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Monday, March 09, 2009


heyyall im back=)

for long? dunno.

just a short update on my life...

Things've been great so far. Life's pretty smooth this year. Gained a few more new friends, caught up with old friends. Studies wise, it's going well recently, although i failed a couple of test before, but things are starting to pick up, and i've got my mind settled down, all set for A-lvls=) HC wise, stuff has toned down after the mad orientation-road race-science fiesta rush. The next big thing's colosseum/cheerleading, and it's still a long way to go. Hopefully this batch of cheerleaders would be more fun than the last batch=D For CO, practice's intensiveness has been stepped up, now with 3 times a week. Hopefully we can get at least a gold for SYF!=)

With my life packed with studies, CO and company now, dunno when's the next time i'll be here posting again. Look out for this space!=)

i'll be waiting=)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Singapore lost in the semi finals of the suzuki cup.

With effing stupid mistakes.

Just... disappointed.

Interesting game, though.

Hopefully the fight against indonesia would be slightly less disappointing=)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

This post is dedicated to the lovely members of team 1, ogl camp 2008.

OGL camp, the second one for 2008.

My team won, once again.

Great job there, Serene, Grace, Ai ting, Ric, Wenjie, Bronson, Athirah, Zhang Xiang, Shafiq, Bing Ran, Cherie, Jian Yong, Nurin, Wen Eng, Ali, Vincent, Evonne, Sarah, Darren, Dina, Joon Kiat and Wida! 

First day was pretty demoralising, getting fifth for ORA. However you guys persevered and ran all the way for MMM, earning a forth place. Performance night was purely a bonus for all the hard work you guys put in. You guys really worked your asses off for performance night, and i can only say a huge thank you to everyone because you guys gave your all for the performance. We totally owned GMS, getting full marks for everything. Although we didn't get all the cheering bonuses and speed bonuses, we got our first place with our own hard work. Once again thank you team 1!

Throughout the camp there were lots of funny shit that happened in the team. E.g. the "vincent-alarm clock case" . That was one hell of a joke. You guys gave me a most memorable 3 days 2 nights. 

Thank you team 1/ali/eli. SIOL!!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The last time i posted was after the HC sentosa outing. Guess i owe this blog many many stuff.

Action packed life. Just got back from the hiongest camp ever. OBS rox. Washington rocked more!

But first, let me start from hc sentosa outing. Damn fun day. Let pix do the talk. Lazy to type paiseh.

Breakfast at VIVO. Lol i sent out the sms to meet at 8, me and a few arrived at 9.30. Wth man. Lepak awhile, then chose to eat at BK. After that went vivomart to get snack and drinks.
On the way...
Reached there, play awhile ball, play awhile frisbee, then we realised it's too boring, went to play in the sea instead. That's when the real fun started. Started cheerleading in the sea, then looked around for hot girls to ogle at, finally, being matured jc students, played CATCHING. lol.

HSM3-ed after that. The guys were like over-affected by the songs. Dom kept repeating the boys are back, Nizam kept humming can i have this dance. Super fun day=DD.

Next was PW OP. I think i screwed QnA pretty badly, but hey, who cares. Went out for karaoke with S401 after that.

Then came the PATHETIC class Sentosa outing, which a grand total of 6 people came. Pictures still with Alicia, ohwell. But the day wasn't good. Not good at all.

THEN. Came the week of lectures. Torturous. Was sick for the entire week. Went job applying with nizam on thursday(ha i just came back from work, blog abt the experience in awhile). Only salvation of the week was thinking about OBS, hei sushi buffet/birthday celebration for liming with my dearest atlas house comm. YAY WE'RE DINNERING TMR!!!! Saturday was mum's birthday, so buffet again. At night went to Joong's cousin's birthday party with dom after gym, and we were more or less talking cock the entire night. Sunday, got the booties from firdaus, saw cheryl and jun ming at eunos. Afternoon went to get OBS stuff with rong an nizam. The "shopping trip" was funny as hell. At night went home and was packing frenzy.

OBS(I shall blog about it in a seperate post). FUN FUN FUN!

Ytd(saturday) and today(sunday) was spent at RITZ CARLTON. Not a guess there, of course, but a member of the BANQUET STAFF! We're more or less waiters. But we get nice nice uniforms, serve people like the president and stuff. The job's damn cool. AND IT'S 6.50 AN HOUR. THAT'S A DAMN GOOB BARGAIN! In 2 days i earned over 80 bucks, damn cool sia.

Tmr, or rather later, going to candice's house to check the house comm shirts. Hope it'll be fun=)) the at night, DINNER WITH ATLAS HC! WHEEEE!

Ok late liao, i tired, bye.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The past week was, extreme, to say the least.

Today was the most fun day i ever had. Sumpah. 

Photos and details next time.

WEIRONG HUIMING send me the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!